Are you planning on making a significant addition to your commercial building, or heavily renovating an existing portion of the property?

Although many property owners spend a lot of time and energy planning these projects with the help of designers and contractors, they don’t often think about what will happen to the site when the project’s over. For instance, a major addition or renovation will involve a demolition phase, but what happens to the demolished materials? You might be surprised to learn that haul away and construction clean up isn’t always included in the initial contractor’s quote.

Post-construction clean up isn’t just a matter of making things look pretty.

Safety Of Workers And Clients

When conducting construction clean up, safety of workers and clients should be any company’s top priority. Some building materials become airborne during demolition, creating a respiratory hazard. There’s also danger of injury or even death when working in and around a construction site. Hiring professionals ensures that the post-construction clean up will be completed quickly and with no unexpected accidents.

Proper Cleaning Products

Construction clean up isn’t just a matter of removing tools and building materials. The tools and cleaning products necessary to prepare a site for public use can be both complicated and expensive. A professional trained in post construction cleaning already has these tools on hand, and knows how to operate them properly.

Adherence To Disposal Regulations

Post-construction clean up isn’t just a matter of making things look pretty. There are rules and regulations that apply to who can clean up a site and how it can be done. Many cities have particular laws governing where building wastes can be disposed of, and it’s more complicated than just taking materials to the dump.