How to Clean the Refrigerator Correctly to Avoid Bad Odors?

Eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator! In our refrigerator we not only keep meats, fruits, vegetables and drinks, we also usually keep meal preparations and often the leftovers that we have left from the day. All of these foods can generate bad odors, so in this blog we explain how to properly clean your refrigerator

Useful Tips For Cleaning The Bathroom

Purchasing mirrors for the bathroom is a creative way to improve the appearance of this area, but to make the room look truly impeccable, it is essential to know how to clean your bathroom effectively. To help you with this, below we present 6 tips and cleaning news that will help you keep this space

How To Keep Your Balcony Clean And Tidy

Keeping your balcony clean and tidy can be a complex task. Being exposed to constant dirt most of the time, cleaning these areas feels pointless. If you are constantly fighting with dirt most of the time, we invite you to apply these tipsIn this blog we will give you some tips and tricks that can

5 Tips For A Well-Organized Kitchen

1. Organize Space By Use Create zones for each type of job and store the items needed for that job together. For example, if you have a baking space, you store baking items in that space. The kitchen sink should be close to the recycling bins, for a clean process and efficient recycling. The stove and

Tips To Properly Clean Your Microwave Oven

Although it is normal for this to happen, it is preferable that the oven always remains clean when using it again, not only for comfort, but also for hygiene and health. These are five easy and practical tricks that you can take into account when fighting dirt in your appliance and without having to spend

Tips To Always Have Your House Tidy

If after you get home from work you find the living room, kitchen, bedroom in a mess. Things thrown everywhere, dirty clothes out of the hamper, but ou don't feel like organizing anything. You would give anything to have the house tidy. Here we give you some simple and practical tricks to achieve it without

How to Make Your Carpets Look BRAND NEW!

Spring is the quintessential time to spruce up your house. This means you’ll probably be knee-deep in scrubbers, scouring pads, brooms and sponges soon. While you’re making your home feel more like a glistening castle, don’t forget that your carpets took a beating this winter along with the rest of the house. Most carpet cleaning

Why you shouldn’t wash your dishes by hand

There's a common misconception that washing by hand is better for the environment, and even more hygienic than dishwashing — but neither is true. Here are five reasons why you should load up the dishwasher rather than wasting time and water washing dishes by hand. Dishwashers are less wasteful. Multiple studies have found that people overuse running

How to Clean Wooden Furniture at Home

Wood furniture adds a classy demeanor to any room. But it equally demands high care for their long lasting life and looks. By frequent dusting and cleaning can avoid the degrading of wood and keep them good. Dusting is very important for your wooden furniture. Removing the dust often will avoid airborne grime forming a filmy