If after you get home from work you find the living room, kitchen, bedroom in a mess. Things thrown everywhere, dirty clothes out of the hamper, but ou don’t feel like organizing anything. You would give anything to have the house tidy. Here we give you some simple and practical tricks to achieve it without much effort.

Tidy House

When we have children, or when we spend a lot of time at the office, it is normal for the home to not be too organized. As soon as you arrive, you leave your bag, your jacket, your keys anywhere. Additionally, children do not put away their toys and dishes spend hours in the sink.The lack of tools and the amount of daily activities can even lead to an anxiety problem, as experts suggest.In reality, keeping your house tidy requires an initial effort and then a minimal commitment.

Tips To Achieve It

1. Don’t let clutter spread throughout the house

Clutter attracts more clutter, this means that if there are things lying on the floor in your room and others in the wrong places, this will spread to other environments.The mind works in a very strange way. Instead of taking action to try to keep the house tidy, you will think that it is messy there, well here too. On the contrary, if in one area of the house everything is in its place, the mind will want to repeat it in other corners of the house. Try it and see.

2. You use it, you save it

• For example, when you do shopping, you take all the products out of the bags and put them in the refrigerator or cupboard as appropriate. Additionally, you fold the bags and place them in the drawer designated for them.

• When you finish eating, you pick up things from the table and take them directly to the dishwasher.

• If you have tried on an item of clothing that you don’t want to wear, put it back in the closet.

• When the toilet paper runs out, you change it for a new one. And so with everything.

3. Don’t accumulate

This trick can be used in any area of life. What is useless is not in the way, the less things you have at home, the easier it will be to keep the house tidy. Minimalisms are perfect in these cases.

4. Time by environment

If your cleaning day is Saturday or Sunday. Then you don’t want to spend an entire morning or afternoon scrubbing and tidying. A good way to avoid this is to define the time you need for each room. For example, 15 minutes for the bathroom, 20 minutes for the kitchen, 15 minutes for the living room, etc.You can even set an alarm. You will be more efficient and you will even take the opportunity to get some exercise thanks to thorough cleaning.

5. Create an organization and cleaning plan

It is important to define the tasks for each week. If you do a little every day, on the weekend you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing and washing.For example, on Mondays clean the kitchen, on Tuesdays sweep, on Wednesdays take care of the bathroom, on Thursdays tidy the rooms, on Fridays wash the clothes, on Saturdays iron and on Sundays mop the floors.