How do you clean laminate floors? Well, there are a few dos and don’ts to consider. Here are some of the most important floor cleaning tips.


Laminate flooring is a very good choice in flooring for new homes or when updating floors in older homes. While laminate flooring is not ideal for bathrooms due to its incompatibility with water in any significant amount, it is a great choice for kitchens, entryways, and even living rooms and the rest of the home.

Laminate flooring is quite durable and provides a surface that does not damage easily. This type of flooring is ideal for homes with children and high traffic areas. As long as regular spot cleaning and basic maintenance are kept up, laminate flooring will retain the beauty and last a long time. This longevity coupled with its beauty makes laminate flooring a great.

It’s very durable but it can also be damaged by excessive moisture as well as scratch, score, dent or pit from tracked in dirt and rocks, dogs, toys, etc. If you’re looking for the best way to get your own floors sparkling clean, read on for some excellent cleaning tips to clean your laminate floors quickly and completely- Just like Belizema Cleaning does. We use this method when we clean laminate floors, and we clean A LOT of floors!

Vacuum or Sweep

It is very important to remove grit and soil completely from laminate flooring. Dirt and grit are the worst trouble makers when it comes to damage by scratching or even scouring the floor finish. Sweep or vacuum your laminate floors on a regular basis to help keep any kind of abrasive dirt, grit, as well as grime off of the floor.
You can prevent debris from being tracked inside simply by placing floor mats or rugs both inside and outside your entrances. The proper care of your laminate floor will avoid damage as well as prolong its life and keep it looking new for many years.


As I mentioned above (it’s really important!) – Make sure you have removed all soil and grime in advance of wet mopping or you’ll just be spreading the dirt all around with your clean mop water and possibly scratching the surface with grit left on the floor.
Laminate floors can be cleaned (usually) with just warm water. We don’t use detergent or soap or any fancy pants specialty cleaners on laminate floors because they leave a sticky residue and don’t rinse off cleanly.
We use 1 cup of vinegar to 1 gallon of warm water at our cleaning company to clean laminate floors- This leaves the floors shiny, streak-free, residue-free, and deodorized with no second rinse required. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell- It dissipates as it dries, not to mention deodorizes the room at the same time.
Use a slightly dampened mop. Go easy on the water because that excess water can damage laminate flooring. By cleaning your floor with vinegar and water, it is easy to get rid of stains and you will not need to deal with streaking afterward.

Wipe It Dry

This is actually THE secret to getting a thoroughly clean and gleaming laminate floor.
Always dry the floor to get rid of any leftover water spots as well as remove leftover soil that’s remaining on the floor right after mopping.
You will be surprised (and probably horrified) at just how much dirt is actually remaining on the flooring following your very careful vacuuming and sweeping earlier.
Use an old 100 % cotton bath towel, terry cloth, or similar cleaning cloth.

Don’ts of Cleaning Laminate Flooring:

– Don’t sand the laminate floor or try to refinish the flooring—ever.
– Don’t use soap-based detergents
– Don’t flood the floor with water or any types of cleaners. Significant wetness is not a good idea for laminate flooring.
– Don’t use abrasive cleaners or cleaning cloths such as scouring pads on the flooring. These will scratch and damage, and there is no easy way to repair such damages.