Mistakes To Avoid on Upholstery Cleaning. Cleaning household items like sofa sets should be very easy, hassle-free and safe if you abide by the manufacturer’s instructions.


Nevertheless, a great number of homeowners tend to neglect or forget these guidelines thereby resulting in huge mistakes that can cause permanent damage to their upholstery. For instance, the use of inappropriate stain removal procedures may cause more harm rather than cleaning the upholstery.

In this article, we’re going to focus on some of the common upholstery cleaning mistakes people need to avoid:

1. Using wrong/fake cleaning products

These days, there are a lot of cleaning products widely available in the market. Some of these products promise to deliver what they claim, but they actually don’t, instead, they cause more damage to your sofa. So, whenever you plan to clean your upholstery, it is important and necessary to contact the furniture designer or retailer to recommend the right cleaning products to use.
Using wrong tools and products can be disastrous and can lead to irreversible damage to your furniture. Over the past years, the types of materials used to make furniture, particularly sofa has greatly increased. The fiber quality, finishes, dyes, and leather used in the materials will therefore need right mix of cleaning solution. Some shop attendants may lure you to buy their products, but don’t be fooled by just anyone. Try to do some research.

2. Practicing wrong cleaning methods

Just like using wrong cleaning products, practicing wrong cleaning techniques is also another maker mistake to make when cleaning your sofa set. A small stain that could otherwise remove so easily can become bigger and stubborn if the right cleaning technique is not applied. Some cleaning products contain chemical substances, which can easily stain can become ingrained into your fabric if the appropriate method is not used.

3. Failure to use a test patch prior to using cleaning products

Most people don’t take their time to test cleaning products prior to using them to clean their upholstery. It’s very essential to test a cleaning solution, especially when using it for the first time because there are some that are very harsh. Testing a cleaning solution is a straightforward process because you will only be required to apply it on a section of the material you’re planning to clean. Taking your time to test the cleaning solution, may help you to avoid costly mistakes that may ruin your entire upholstery.

4. Hiring unprofessional services

Most people think that by simply hiring the cleaning service of a good company is enough to get work done. Even if you hire a good cleaning company, always make sure that the actual cleaners are professionals who understand what they are doing. He/she should have enough experience and know what the best tools are and cleaning products to use for certain types of stains and grease. It is always necessary and important to ensure that even if you seek the services of a reputable cleaning company, the cleaner hat they send to you is a professional one. If you don’t have an idea of a good company, you can seek referrals from relatives or friends who have previously used their services.

5. Avoid marks or stains left by cleaning products

A trace amount of any cleaning product can be easily left behind on your upholstery after cleaning is concluded and this can lead to the stains, which can prove to be difficult to remove. This is actually one of the biggest mistakes most cleaners make. However, this residual chemicals amount can be reduced if the appropriate cleaning technique, product and tools are used. The right cleaning method can give a spotless and stain-free appearance to your sofa set. Sofa cleaning could need different methods like washing of your sofa covers, wiping with the right cleaning solution, vacuum cleaning to remove dust, and most importantly thorough drying. The exact technique could differ based on the type of your sofa. A good technique ensures that no undesired mark or stain left after the cleaning exercise is over.

The discussed above are some of the common upholstery cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid. Doing away with these mistakes will leave your upholstery clean and in good condition.